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Q. What is DLT?
Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a Blockchain-based registration system. This Ledger keeps track of all the records of transactions made by network participants. Where telemarketers have to be registered with operators and users & resellers with operators but through Telemarketer.

Q. Why DLT is Mandatory?
TRAI has taken this step to prevent customers from Unsolicited Commercial Communication which were annoying customers as fraud calls & SMS. So, according to TRAI's regulation, DLT registration is mandatory to continue further telecom services.

Q. Is DLT applicable?
Yes, DLT is applicable for every Entity/Company and Reseller. If you want to send your SMS (Transactional or Promotional), you need to do Entity Registration. If you want to Resell SMS services, you need to do TeleMarketer Registration.

Q. Can I register for free?
The Entity Registration process is free on Smart Ping (Videocon). However, for Telemarketer Registration, the charge is INR 5000 + GST for all Operators. Help Doc

Q. What is APITxT's Telemarketer ID and how to add a Telemarketer?
If you have completed Entity Registration, go to “TeleMarketer Request” and add ResellerSMS (APITxT) with Telemarketer ID (1602100000000013386 OR 1402448390000014108). Help Doc

Q. I have got Entity ID from SmartPing / PingConnect, is my work done?
No, there are a few more steps required to do:
1. Add Headers/Sender ID
2. Add your service provider as a Telemarketer in your account.
Note: Please refer to this help doc for stepwise illustration of process Help Doc

Q. I have not registered till now, what is the effect?
Only DLT Approved Headers/Sender Id will get parsed from Operators and others will get blocked. It is highly recommended to register oneself for this as soon as you can.
Note: Please refer to this help doc for stepwise illustration of Registration process Help Doc

Q. Due to the current scenario, I cant bring the signature and seal of the authorized person on the letter, what should I do?
In this case, kindly attach the screenshot ( take entire screen) of the mail sent by your Director stating below mentioned along with the authorization letter (on company letterhead)

To whomever, it may concern

I'm Name (Official Mail ID) and I'm the Co-Founder/Director of (Company Name)
This email (letter of authority) gives authority to (authorizing person name and official mail id) to make decisions on our behalf for Telemarketer / Enterprise registration-related activities, SMS, DLT, and related dealings, till notified otherwise.

The doc (GST certificate) attached below acts as the validity of this email. Regards,


Q. If my Sender Id does not match with my Company Name applied on DLT, then what should I do?
In such a case, kindly upload a document to prove the co-relation between Company Name and Header.(If Alphabet Inc. needs Sender ID as Google, they need to prove co-relation between Sender Id GOOGLE and Alphabet.) (If Operator is not satisfied with co-relation proof, your Header may not be approved)

Q. Our Header (Sender Id) is approved on DLT platform, but we are still getting SMS from different Sender Id?
Once Header is approved on DLT platform, it will be synced on Global Platform in around 24 hrs and you will then be able to use your Header for sending SMS.
If your SMS is not getting delivered from your Header even after 24 hrs from Header approval time, kindly drop an Email to