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The instant SMS on transactions or at multiple stages of delivery of any order make a company reliable for its users. For this cause, transactional sms are gaining popularity in e-commerce, banking, retail and all such businesses. Every company is using them as the basis of sending process information, billing information and status acknowledgment at the present time.

Why use SMS service

Automate sending SMS from any website, CRM or application. Our robust routing engine ensures your messages reach no matter at what conditions.

  •   Welcome SMS
  •   Marketing SMS
  •   Sending Alerts
  •   Confirmation of transaction
  •   Status information of ordered products
  •   Online Order Receipts
  •   Delivery confirmation
  •   Industrial Notifications
  •   Automated Messages

Key features that make APITxT a trusted SMS provider

APITxT provides the amazingly fast and reliable Bulk SMS services, with multiple exciting features like -

Quick Lead Generation Free API Integration
No extra software requirements Personalised SMS
User-friendly web-based interface Schedule SMS
Genuine Delivery Report Template Based SMS Service
Powerful gateway Send SMS With Brand Name

How many character per SMS ?

  • Normal SMS : SMS in English language is considered as normal SMS. 160 characters are allowed (including space) in first SMS. In case of more than one SMS 153 characters per SMS are allowed.
  • Unicode SMS : SMS in other than English language is considered as unicode SMS. 70 characters are allowed (including space) in first SMS. In case of more than one SMS 67 characters per SMS are allowed.

DLT registration is now Mandatory

DLT required for SENDER ID & SMS Template approval.

* DLT registration is mandatory for everyone who do sms business or send SMS & Voice calls for business purpose.