Error Code

Missing Parameters :
Error Code Description
101 Missing mobile number.
102 Missing message.
103 Missing sender Id.
104 Missing Route.
105 Missing Authentication Key.
106 Missing country code.
111 Missing Principal Entity Id.
112 Missing DLT Template Id.
113 Missing SMS Panel Template Id.
Invalid parameters :
Error Code Description
202 Invalid mobile number. You must have entered less than 10 digits or more.
203 Invalid sender ID. Your sender ID must be 6 characters, alphabetic.
204 Route could not be determined. Right route enter.
Error Codes :
Error Code Description
301 Insufficient balance to send SMS.
302 This route is currently unavailable. You can send SMS from this route only between 9 AM - 9 PM.
303 Blocked user account.
304 Method not Allowed./ something was wrong, please try again.
305 SMS Panel Template Id not matched.
306 SMS Panel Template Id not matched.
307 Sender ID does not match the template.